martes, 26 de marzo de 2013


As you know, these days I,ve been very busy and I have not posted many things. Here I upload some photos    .
I would like to wish you and your family a happy holiday.
Again thanks a lot for your love, help and support.
I am very proud of you all.

Como sabéis, estos días he tenido bastante trabajo y por tanto he tenido el blog un poco abandonado. Subo algunas fotos de los últimos días.

Me gustaría desearos unas felices vacaciones a vosotros y a vuestras familias.
De nuevo, gracias por vuestro cariño, ayuda y apoyo.
Estoy muy orgulloso de todos vosotros.
Nos vemos en abril.

Preparing experiments at home. Kiko watching!

Water cycle.

St Patrick,s day.


Our wall.


As you know we have been growing a bean plant in order to see how a plant grows and reproduce. The result is amazing!
  We planted a bean in January, then we had a little plant, then a big plant, finally a flower grew and now...we have a fruit! Hopefully we will grow an enormous plant!

miércoles, 13 de marzo de 2013

The Water Cycle Song.

We have learned and sing the first part of a very catchy Song!

Water cycle.

Sorry for not adding new things in the last days, but  I´ ve been very busy and now we are just getting ready for second term evaluation. We have been working with the water cycle through different games, experiments and activities. Here you have a brief summary of the most interesting things.

 We made an experiment using hot water, a jar, a lid and an ice cube and then, we made this interesting experiment.
Then we learned some interesting things about the states of water and the water cycle.

We have also played some games and played some videos.
Water cycle games
Water cycle games