martes, 15 de marzo de 2016

Municipal elections.

I have to say that I m truly impressed with the results of this project. Elections is something quite dull for children, so I decided we were preparing a kind of of real elections in class and, by doing this, they would adquired the required contents and vocabulary.
This are some things we did:

  • Every group would be a party. They chose their name, propose a candidate to be the Mayor and decided the ideas and proposals.
  • We prepared an eletoral program. Here they included the municipal district in Albacete and Council organization, Mayor and councillors functions,...
  • We learnt about adverts and we applied it to design an electoral advert. We chose colours, materias, a logo, a catchy sentence...
  • We prepared a speech.
  • We wote a leeter to voters.
  • We all voted.
Finally, we had the same amount of votes for two parties, so... we have to negociate!!!!

Some adverts:

Electoral program:

First, we learnt about letters with a funny tale: "The Day the Crayons Quit".


Parties. Photos before voting:

One minute for the Mayor to be:

Voting process:

arguing for invalid ballot.
Añadir leyenda

Very nervous...

The results:

Oh, my!!! Two candidates have the same number of votes. We´ll have to negociate!  They don´t seem happy....

miércoles, 9 de marzo de 2016

Ecosystems dioramas.

In this project, we made a diorama using a shoebox.. We have been investigating about five different ecosystems in our region: The plains (los Llanos de Albacete), Júcar river, Sierra de Alcaraz, Ruidera lagoons and Cabañeros National Park.
We have focused on climate, location, plants, animals and their interaction and food chain.
It has been a lovely project. Congratulations to you all!