martes, 24 de febrero de 2015


 We work on the size of Earth, Moon and Sun and their spherical shape.

Size comparison earth_moon_sun from Jose Martínez Alcole
 We make an experiment with an orange, a lamp and a stick to demonstrate that Earth orbits on its axis and how day and night happen.

Day and night experiment from Jose Martínez Alco  We make a TPR game to practise vocabulary: axis, to rotate.... and they prepare a drawing showing and explaining in some sentences how day and night happen.

 Sun sets and rises and shadows.

Earth gb from Jose Martínez Alcolea

 We work a tale in class: "Baby Brains" and in groups  they invent a new ending according to some given aspects of language to be taken into account: At least five verbs in past, some adverbs....

 They practise with all the information they have, these days they play some computer games and make a true- false game.

These sessions are devoted to prepare the first part of the final task. There are some important stuff posted on the blog page and they are given different books and references to work with. They are also given a sheet that give step by step instructions and make them focus on the minimum contents.

viernes, 13 de febrero de 2015

Alien Carnival

Today we have perform an interview to an alien  coming from a different planet. It´s been a good work. Congratulation!

domingo, 8 de febrero de 2015

Plants9. Final task.

We make a superbook in gropus using all the information. We talk about typas of plants, parts of a plant, how a plant grows, reproduccion and life cycle and present it to the class. The results are wonderful!

Plants 8. Flower.

Individually we make a flower using all the things we have learned.

Plants 7. Parts of a flower.

We use our carnations from the experiment to see the parts of flowers and learn about them.

Other two experiment : What does a plant need to grow? / Grow with a little help.

1. We plant a seed in three different pots. We  place pot 1 in a sunny place and we water it every two days, we place pot 2 into a cupboard and water it every two days, we place pot 3 in a sunny place but we do not water it. We observe what happens.

2. Rosa makes an interesting experiment: She plants some seeds into two pots and she waters pot 1 just with water and pot two with miracle grow. Whe observe what happens.

Abelardo Sánchez Park promenade and report.

We go to the park and take notes. The teacher tells us about trees, bushes and grasses we see in the park. We take notes and in pairs prepare a report based on tha information. It was a terribly cold day!

Plants4. Carnation Experiment.

We make an experiment using three white carnations. We infere what is going to happen, we observe and finally we prepare an storyboard.

Plants 3. The Tiny Seed

Children prepare a book based on the story and then, in groups, tell it to the class.

Plants 2. The Tiny Seed. Telling the story.

Children listen to the famous story by Eric Carle: " The Tiny Seed". I check the understanding of the story by means of their whiteboards. They love using them!


To introduce our project about plants, we go to the playground ans notice we are surrounded by both living and non-living things. Then we prepare a book with this information.