martes, 23 de diciembre de 2014

Cities, towns and villages. Your performances.

For this  unit you have worked on a lot of things: you have made  a report comparing a town and a village, you have worked with Google maps,   you have prepared a comic based on the story: "Country Mouse, City Mouse", you have learnt  about how Albacete looked like in the past,.. 
I post some of your wonderful performances. I´d love finding citizens as nice as you are when I visit other places!
 Thank you for working so hard. You have done amazing things. Congratulations!

domingo, 14 de diciembre de 2014

Our senses. Some photos.

Here you can see some photos while preparing our unit and final tasks. We have lots of fun!!!
Selecting information from web pages and books for our display.

Preparing our displays in groups with all the information we have about eye and ear.
Then, we presented the doferent reports to the class and talked about parts, functions and ilnesses of eyes and ears, and everyone was taking notes in order to make a report. I am very proud of the results!

We had lots of fun making our taste buds experiment! Me made a sherbet mixing  citric acid, bicarmonate and icing sugar! First we tried all of them separately and checked witch taste buds were stimulated and then we tasted our sherbet. Great work!

You don´t seen to enjoy!!!

Probably if we mix everything, it tastes better!!

That´s better!!!

Now some strips games:

Scented flowers for smelling!

Now, it´s time to eat! We ate an apple and we selected some adjectives using our five senses. It is always an excuse for healthy eating!